Excusez moi!

I’m very very new to this so it may take a while till I’m fully settled with WordPress.

Well, this is my new home and I think I’ll be updating this more frequently than my Motime (Philippine blog) and my Blogspot (Cambodian blog). I’ll make Vesper my warehouse of thoughts whether I’m in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

So right now, I have yet to figure out how the whole thing works. I’ve deleted my Blogspot posts here because they’re not responding the way I wanted them to when I tried editing them. As for the plugins, hmm… I have yet to learn that too. Looks like I really have to look for that recommended FTP client.
But I like my new theme. It’s a lot better than the one I chose for myself. Thanks Ann! Smart choice!

Well, there’s lotsa work to be done here so, that’s it for now.

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