My Own Roman Holiday?

Watching Roman Holiday again last night made me reminisce my own Bangkok adventure/s and I thought, hey, I’ve just had my own Roman Holiday there (minus the romance and a handsome consort)!

I will never forgot my experience/s in Bangkok (which was recently bombed) but I long to have my own Roman adventure someday and be awed by Michaelangelo’s works and the spectacular Colosseum. Hmm… I suppose that’s all I want to see in Rome. Unless some handsome local offers to tour me around, then excellent!

2 Responses to “My Own Roman Holiday?

  • Hey veej,

    Just dropping by šŸ™‚ I wonder what Thailand looks like. I met some bloggers (through BTOP) who are from there, and some, pinoy na nandun.. hmm… will look for promos in the future at makapagbakasyon nga dun.. *lolz* sa panaginip >.

  • Wehe, bakit sa panaginip pa? Totohanin mo na! Mura lang naman dun eh. Mas mura kesa sa Pinas, I was told. šŸ™‚

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