I made a fantastic discovery today!

While we were in an internet shop today (with the sole purpose of printing a file stored in my Yahoo! account), I encountered some problems logging in Yahoo!. Minutes later and already sleepy, the owner (he seems like the owner) suggested I go to and login to Yahoo!Messenger, which to my surprise is the fastest way of logging in Yahoo if you ever encounter slow responses from the computer you’re using. Unfortunately, what I really wanted to do was login my Yahoo!mail and the Yahoo!messenger.
Anyway, just thought you might like to know. Not only can you access your Yahoo account, you can also login in your hotmail, aol and gmail accounts. Fantastic, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Meebo

  • Yahoo is going crazy these days. They say it’s because of the trunkline damage caused by the Taiwan earthquake. Yahoo is awfully slow and their YM does not work on most IPs. Meebo is really a good way to log in.. and GAIM too.. I use GAIM because yan ang ininstall ni jeedo sa PC ko. Kung may meebo rin sana heheheh
    Just to share, back in my call center days, YM is not installed sa PC and it was not allowed. We use meebo to bypass the rule hahahaha naka YM pa rin *doink!

    By the way veej, pa check naman yung link ng eetsie’s world sa sidebar mo. There’s a typo sa hyperlink, (the htpp/) hehehe

  • Ah ganun ba? So totoo pala. Akala ko alibi lang yun nung net cafe sa poor internet connection nila.

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