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I can’t exactly recall who first referred me to Tagged. I’ve received a number of invitations more afterwards that I finally gave in and got myself registered. The funny thing is I am now receving some very disturbing messages that are frankly quite amusing. I say ‘disturbing’ because I don’t know whether to feel sorry or distressed about it.

The messages came from different men of different nationalities who spoke of their genuine desire to get to know me more and hopefully establish a deeper, more intimate relationship with me. I can’t help but raise my eyebrows and scoff (sorry) at the similar tones in these messages:

“…your pictures are like angel sent by God from Heaven and you are like angel I saw in my dream..I really want to know more about u..I hope we can be friend and more than friend… . If I was blind, you would make me see. If I was deaf, you would make me hear; and if I was dumb, a word would come out of the boundaries of my lips becos I really want u and I to be friends..and more… .”

“…I want to make a search for my real woman that I can live my life with , and i come across your profile and I think i love what i saw, So i really want to know more about you ,And i will like to let you know that i need a serious woman for a good relationship, i mean real Relationship not Just a mail friend or pen pals or phone and charting friends, Because of my last bad Experience, i need a woman who is To meet with me face to face as time goes on. I need a woman that i can see and talk with face to face.

“…­just like the way u look like and to talk to u to know better.”

“…i like you and would love to have a good relationship with you. am a goodhearted man, loving, caring, honest and accomotaing. i would be very glad if my request is granted.”

Have I been ‘tagged’ into a network of desperate men searching for a love life? Do I look like I’m desperate for a love life?

I really feel sad for them, and a little disturbed that they should find me interesting. But whatever it is, I shall forever be in constant wonder of it.

I guess the idiom “[they are] barking up the [very] wrong tree” applies here.

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