Keeping My Spartan Reserve

Today was just ecstatic!

For one, I can now make purchases by charging everything to my visa debit card. SWEET! No need for me to carry loads of cash! Just splendid!


Second, I got myself a pre-release of (Frank Miller’s) 300 DVD!!!! That’s just AWESOME!!! You see, it is ‘strictly’ to be released tomorrow (July 13) but the store discreetly sold me the DVD anyway. So I won’t be mentioning the store’s name here for their sake and to show my gratitude for their kindness. And yes, this is the first original DVD  I’ve purchased with my own sweat and tears, haha! And I am just beyond joy to finally have my own copy of this much favored film!

 Ok, so why is 300 my favorite movie?

Well now, it’s not just because I get to salivate over Gerard Butler’s gorgoeus, buffed-up bod draped minimalistically with a very small piece of loin cloth, but the story is very historical and that’s what attracted me to it first and foremost. I just love this story about how only 300 elite Spartan warriors went up against the thousands upon thousands of Persian soldiers under King Xerxes reign.

The Battle of Thermopylae (a.k.a. the Hot Gates)!

Although I’ve heard of The Battle of Thermopylae before, I’ve only read about it for the first time in Cambodia, in one of my aunt’s books which features some of the legendary, somewhat historical, somewhat mythological, great men in history which includes Remus and Romulus, Hector and Achilles, Julius Ceasar, King Arthur, Alexander the Great, etc. Not very long afterwards, the movie was released in cinemas and I was just beyond thrilled! I was impatient to see it!! I literally had to restrain myself from buying a pirated copy just so I could see the movie and all it’s fantastic visuals/details in hi-def. But I being weak could not keep my Spartan reserve and gave way to grabbing the clearest pirated copy in the ‘black market’. Still, it was a joy to watch.

Now that the DVD’s here and I have the means to get one for myself, I feel like I have long deserved this. I am not the least bit bothered that it’s so freakin’ expensive!

I just love love love love love it!

Frank Miller did an exceptional job interpreting the story into a graphic novel and Zack Snyder the very impressive and very inspiring film adaptation of it. I don’t care about the controversies it provoked. I’m hands down to these two great men!

Now I await for this:

6 Responses to “Keeping My Spartan Reserve

  • Great post. Thought you might like to see my thoughts on adapting for the screen.

  • Oh, wow! Thank you so much for bumping into my blog. 😀 haha! I am taking the liberty of linking you to my blog for future references on sceenplays. 🙂 Again, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Mr. Farrand.

  • ako din, 300 is my favorite movie! Buti ka pa, may DVD ka! Hahaha, we got “pirated” DVD here in Philippines! 😛 I never stop staring at this incredible movie, kasi ang ganda ung concepts, special effects, characters, colors, backgrounds, everything! Frank Miller is one of the best comic artist. Ginawa nya din ung Sin City the graphic novel. 😀

  • Me too! Upon seeing the movie and witnessing all it’s stunning visuals, FX, fight choreography, sets, costumes, and every artistic touch in all of those, I just fell in love with it! It is a remarkable film! A real keeper! Even my dad liked it.

    Yeah, familiar ako kay Frank Miller. Meron akong “Ronin” niya. Medyo nag-deviate ng konti ang visual style niya doon from Sin City. Pero ok din. Unique. 🙂

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