Special FX

When I go see a movie what I am most interested to see are the special effects. I know you get that a lot from horror movies, which I happen to dislike, but when I am brave enough to watch one in the daytime (or any time of the day so long as the sun’s still up), I do marvel upon the prosthetic work or heart-stopping SFX included in the film.

300 cast

POTC Davy Jones and crew

 I just can’t get enough of the CG work, animation, even the set designs, costumes, animatronics, visual effects, etc. in most fantasy films like Star Wars, Transformers, Spiderman, Harry Potter, 300, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, and Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few . Makes me want to work in special FX too. But of course, I’m just fantasizing. I don’t suppose I can handle the pressures at work. But I just love special FX. That is, I love watching them come to life!

Over the past year I’ve come to take notice of special effects companies in Hollywood which awed me to no end with their work. I wonder what it’s like working with them? Work load is probably titanic, but an enjoyable experience. Well, here they are. Maybe someday… by some turn of Fate… I just might find myself working with one of them. Someday. God-willing. Won’t hurt to wish, right? hehe.

Industrial Light and Magic


M5 Industries

Of course, I admit that the interest was sparked by Mythbusters and M5i‘s resume.

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