Allright! Changes. Lots of changes here. Let me break it down for you all:

  • New blog theme. My real intention was to upgrade my Travelogue 1.0 to 2.0 but I soon discovered that this new theme have tons of problems yet to be resolved. The concept was pretty neat but some of its plugins are not compatible with WordPress. Anyway, I only discovered its dysfunctionality after a couple of sleepless nights and a degree of trouble I gave Ann L. with ftp queries. Sorry about that, Ann, but thanks heaps! Oh right, so this theme is MistyLook and I’ve done loads of changes with it; it’s barely recongnizable from the original, I think. 
  • Streaming MP3. How do you like that? It can play about15 songs but I just uploaded 4 of my faves because, afterall, you won’t listen to all 15 of them now, would you? I know because I don’t. Well, if it’s too loud just adjust the volume control or click ‘next’ to skip to the next song. I found this widget by accident after blog-hopping to the farthest reaches of this planet. Cool, huh? You can get your own mp3 player at POQbum.com. Take your time. They have hundreds of cool skins there! [As of 1:19 p.m. today, 08-02-07,  I’ve added one more song which sums up everything I am thinking or feeling right this very moment.]
  • Flash clock. I just thought it cool to have it, especially since it looked ‘ancient’ and looked perfect for my theme. You can download other styles at POQbum.com.
  • Page cut/Split post (or whatever you call it). I didn’t know it even existed not until I allowed my curiosity to reign over me. I love that about WP! Shotens really long posts!
  • CBox. Changed the color to pink! Get that? Pink!! Just to spice up my blog’s look and put some of my ‘femininity’ in it. I am, afterall, female.
  • Header image. I changed the original image with one of my favorite drawings which I thought suited the theme I am trying to project here, which is, wayfarer-ish?
  • Background and Navigation colors. What’cha think? How’s my color-coordination? Still a little frenetic, huh? But I like it.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a wonderful and wistful Wednesday!

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