Travel Diary Entry #1

 NAIA 2 Gate 5

Kuya Orly fetched me from the Domestic Airport and took me to Global City’s (Taguig) Market! Market! to kill time. It was only 1:30pm and my next flight was at 8:55pm so I was mighty glad he was there and was kind enough to accompany  me.

I’m not at all enthusiastic to work tomorrow. The work load’s doubled but that would mean I’d get to take my mind off ‘particular’ things.

Oh I am not at all enthusiastic about tomorrow’s work.

“Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity.

“…The morbid logician seeks to make everything lucid, and succeeds in making everything mysterious. The mystic allows one thing to be mysterious, and everything else becomes lucid.” — G.K. Chesterton

Thank God I chose to bring Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” book with me. It’s kept me awake, amused, and accompanied.

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