Travel Diary Entry#2

Kuala Lumpur, LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), 2 a.m.

My body’s shaking from exhaustion. My luggage, which I drag with me everywhere, weighs 23kg or so and I am sore all over from walking, sitting, and basically, lack of sleep.

I’d just like to recount that earlier, upon leaving the departure area and transferring to the LCCT, a taxi driver approached me and bugged me, in Malaysian, if I wanted a taxi. Realizing that I was not Malaysian, probably spotting my passport in my hand, he then says to me, “Filipina? Filipina?… MAGANDA!”

I nearly broke into a huge smile. It’s weird to be told ‘maganda’ by a foreigner who probably knew only that one Filipino word.

Then, as I entered the LCCT and walked towards the flight schedule board, a group of men beneath it were suddenly all eyes on me. I know that they were watching me because not only did I catch them doing so, but their heads also followed my direction. I became extremely conscious, of course, but I just kept walking, far, far away from them.

It’s nice to feel a head-turner even just for once, haha!

Back at NAIA, which I forgot to mention earlier, a group of airport personnel were congregated at Gate 5’s entrance, which blocked anyone wishing to enter from going in. When these men finally realized that they were blocking the passageway, they moved aside and gave us way, but for some reasons that I seem to be constantly humored by the Man above, a couple of these personnels offered me a seat right next to them! I was taken aback by the seemingly absurd offer, and it wasn’t until I felt some very hot liquid spilling all over my hands that I realized I was holding a cup of very hot milk tea, which I have completely forgotten about. I squirmed a bit, endured all the burns, and kept my poise as if it was pás grave, because that tea’s worth sixty hurtful bucks!

Suddenly, I was being surrounded by men offering me their tissues and hankies.

Wow! Chivalry is not dead!! I nearly fainted.

But a roll of toilet tissue paper was really curious. Rather strange!

2 Responses to “Travel Diary Entry#2

  • and i quote..”It’s nice to feel a head-turner even just for once, haha!” hahahaha.. nice one veej! hhhhhmm.. ang saya2x ng travel mo.. boys boys boys!! hahahaha..=) ikaw ha..hhmm..

  • Haha, kung may itsura lang sana sila, kinilig na ako.

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