Travel Diary Entry#5

LCCT T4 (Terminal 4), 2:20pm


Maybank ATM ate my Visa card!


Just when I needed money to pay for my excess baggage, the stupid machine ate my card! Worse, it was a Sunday and no personnel could come fix the problem, or help me retrieve it. They cannot help me, they say. I’ll just have to cancel my card

Although I was very upset by the whole incident, I was mighty glad I had the following in my pocket:

MR 18, USD 40, TBH 20, PHP1450

$1 = MR 3.50 or (you do the Math)


So the only solution to this was to change these currencies to ringgit, which I did. Which also meant I had to fall in a very long line of money exchangers. In the end, $40 is all the money I have left in the world (with my card gone now).

Well, what else can I do but pray and be thankful that even though I have forty pitiful dollars left for the entire month, at least I have that instead of nothing! At least I’ll be leaving KL in a few hours and everything else is going (will be) fine, save for one faulty technology.


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