Silent Film Enchantment

Couldn’t contain it anymore. Must write down critique on films.

IT WAS FANTABULOUS!!! Excuse the somewhat gay lingo.

I was just swelling with joy, bursting with happiness, and nearly teary-eyed with pleasure in watching Retour de Flamme yesterday before dark. In it is a 1916 silent film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, shortened from it’s full-length to suit the young audience. It was remarkable and so… endearing, I guess. It’s like I was finally able to take a peek at the quiet summer entertainment of the early 20th century youngsters.

Then there’s this French film, the earliest among all the short silent films in the collection, La Peine du Talion, dated 1906, which is a charming fantasy flick about an insect collector (forgot what they are called scientifically), who was taken into fairy land (or something) and underwent trial in the supreme court of insects, after being accused for the cruel captivity of all the butterflies and bees and grasshoppers he had ‘pinned’. The butterflies and bees and grasshoppers were chubby female dancers in ballet shoes and elegant insect costumes. It was hilarious but remarkable! It was even colored for a 1906 silent film! Dunno what that coloring technique in filming is called but it was poorly colored and still charmed me nonetheless.

There were others too, like the Trois Soundies, which is the earliest version of today’s music videos, featuring 3 rather hilarious songs; an MGM promotional film of Laurel and Hardy; short documentaries, animation in the 30’s, etc.

Oh what bliss this is! I want more!!

2 Responses to “Silent Film Enchantment

  • hey Jei. I wanna see them. Prepare them when i get there, k? 🙂

  • Hey Mum! Sure, it’s all ready and waiting for you to view. I just need a new DVD player. Nagloloko na ‘tong akin. Overly-used and abused na kasi, hehe.

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