Ceaseless Changes

I suppose it’s safe to say that my family is moving to Pampangga. ASAP. Yes, it’s finally been decided that that is to be the case and so… yeahhhh.

Well, I’ll miss you guys tremendously! But worry not, I can always come visit Davao anytime I want. I think I can afford to now, har har!

I suppose I have said it often, or maybe I have just thought it often but never really said it out loud, that our lives (mine and my family’s) is one prone to enormous changes. It’s like an unwelcome relative always dropping by unannounced for a visit, or an indefinite stay-over. But since it’s a relative, we are obliged to be hospitable hosts. Something like that, if my analogy ever makes sense. 

Ever since I can remember we never stayed in one place too long. It’s always living in a new house, new neighborhood, new school, new friends, new faces, new malls to cut-class for (haha! kidding!), new transportation, new language, new customs and culture, new everything!

Secretly, I call myself a modern-day vagabond; my family, cultured nomads. 

But we never complained. Or maybe I have at some point in my life but in general, I knew that this was our life so acceptance was easy to come by for me.

But it was hard.

Of course it is hard! Who wants to keep packing and unpacking every 5 or 6 years? Already I feel guilty for all the books I have amassed through the years that I won’t be packing myself. Again! But I’ve gotten rid of a lifetime’s worth of ‘clutter’ before I left the country last summer break, so all they’d have to be packing are just my outstanding collection of books. And comics as well. I’m sure they’re dying to sell some away, but if I find anything missing in my collection there is hell to pay!! 

Ah, life! 

When my dad told me of the decision, I thought to myself, how convenient! Not that I am happy with the news, because I love Davao very much and was hoping to find permanent residence there, but I just thought, how convenient it was that the decision came when I am already here in Cambodia. Because although the news was sad, it did not affect me as much. I was more concerened about my family and how they’re dealing with the news. They love Davao very much.

So you could say I was spared beforehand from the heartache of leaving. Afterall, I have already left, have I not?

It would’ve been harder had I been settled already and working there, and would have to choose between quitting my job or being separated islands apart from my family. Again. I think that would’ve been a lot worse. So apparently God had been planning this all the time. He sent me away first so that there’s one less heartache He’d have to deal with. Haha!

And like I’ve said, how convenient! By living in Pampangga, I can now take cheap flights straight to Clark and not have to take another flight to another part of the country. Isn’t that just swell? And I can now also visit my friends in La Union, Baguio, and Metro Manila. If I still have any. In the country, I mean. Visiting my relatives for the holidays would now be possible too for my family. Or for my mum, that is. It’s not all that bad. Except maybe for the occasional storms that would wreck our yard various times of the year, and the unexpected eruption of Pinatubo again, God forbid!

So yeah, it’s not so bad, really. But we will miss everything and everyone. That’s for sure!

7 Responses to “Ceaseless Changes

  • Hi VJ! I really love visiting your blog..but the news that your parents and sis are leaving Davao makes me a little sad..huhu..and then I realized that it has been almost seven years(?) since their transfer there? ksi yon din ang bilang ng taon namin dito sa Manila..mag eight na yata…hehe..Well, that will give me ample chance to see them here na..in Luzon..haha..take care..I hope I can visit Cambodia too..it seems like an interesting country..tag pila pamasahe?hehe

  • ate vj!!! ano ba yan?? d ko ine-expect na lilipat na kayo…nakaka-shock ang news….wala ding nabanggit si tita jojie last sunday (nag games pa nga kami non) hay…nakaka miss nga nong d na tyo nagwwork ng sbay sa TLC then yung umalis ka…lalo na cguro ngayon na aalis na talaga family mo…ang layo kaya non 🙁 ano ba yan, kaw pa naman ng encourage ng pag enter ko sa bukshop world! ahahha..cge lang, magkikita rin tyo….ahahahha

  • whoa…! No more Joson’s in Mindanao? That’s so sad. nakakamiss… I know I left Davao too.. but at least malapit lang ako. Buti naman Jeedo and I decided to get married before sir len leaves ^_^. Basta Veej, reunion tayo every once in a while ha.. 😀 We’ll miss you much more now.. kasi if you’re ever back in the Philippines, you’ll still be islands away.. tsk tsk…

  • hi veej. it’s really sad to hear the news. er.. im not going to see in you in christmas or in summer na.. glad we made lots of things together the last time you were here. now, the chances of us doing it all again is now too thin.. sad..really, it’s sad.. hayz.

    si ate sweet nalang naiwan sa akin here for me in davao. tsk. ang buhay nga naman..

  • na naman veej!! i was even wishing that you’re family would reside again here in cdo, hehehe… =)
    nyway, though we’d be miles apart again, we are still one big happy family. just like old times. =)

  • Whoa! Wow! Hey!
    Hello everyone!

    Yes, unfortunately, we (or my family) are moving again. But my dad will do visitation there in Mindanao a couple times a year, I think.

    But yeah, a reunion will be excellent (preferably in the months of July and August) but I think our Christmases will be spent with relatives in Laguna. 🙂 I think. But who knows? We might just spend Christmas there someday, so crossing fingers.

    Ganito na lang, punta kayo dito sa Cambodia! Para naman magkita tayo at makapaghasik ng lagim sa ibang bansa.

    Pag-ipunan niyo, ha?

  • Hi J,

    Sad to hear lipat na ulit family mo. We will surely miss the chitchat that we had. But it’s ok its not the end of the road yet. I know in time we will still see each other again. Malay mo pag natuloy ako, God willing baka yung exit ko would be Cambodia. hehe I’m still praying for it na matuloy. and im crossing my fingers for a positive response from the Lord. Mwahz

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