Making Fun Of Airplanes

Last night, during our long drive back home, I thought of easing the boredom by recapturing a flight scene, imitating the bored, expressionless tone of a pilot’s voice:

Me (at the backseat): “Good evening passengers. This is your  captain speaking. You are aboard flight WMC*** bound for SLEX. The time now is 7:30 p.m. and we will arrive to our destination at 10:30 p.m. May I remind you that there is no time difference…”

Dad (on the wheel): “You mean there is no time for difference?”

Me: “…the temperature is 90 degrees celsius. The weather today is partly cloudy. We may experience a bit of turbulence along the way…”

Dad: “The captain has cut out life support! Breathe deep!!!”



Minutes later….

Dad: I wonder… is that a star? (Referring to a stationary speck of light on the deep, dark skies)

Mum: It could be Venus, the brightest star.

Me: Or it could be an airplane facing our way. You know, may headlights din sila.

Dad: YEAH! I never thought of that…. 

Mum: O? Bakit stationary lang siya?

Me: Baka nag-aantay lang [ng signal] para maka-land. Kami dati [aboard the plane] naghihintay pa [magbigay ang tower ng approval] para maka-landing eh.

Dad: Dapat umiikot yun kung ganon. E hindi siya gumagalaw eh.

Me: Hmmm… baka nawalan ng gasolina!

Dad and Mum: Tumirik!! HAHAHA!


Imagine that.

3 Responses to “Making Fun Of Airplanes

  • nyahahaha..

    auto-sleep ang tawag dun sa nangyari sa plane, veej! baka nakatulog. haha.

  • Ha-ha! I said, “The captain has cut off life support system. Take a deep breath.” I didn’t say “cut out.” Parang iba yung “cut out” he-he…

    Glad you arrived home safely. Luv ya!

    Hi Bingkay! I’m still learning blogging up to now. Can’t always find the time to learn the “tricks of the trade.” Ingatz my dear!

  • A ganun bA?
    I stand corrected.

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