Kai had immensenly amused me with her comment in FB about the kind of music I listen to. She puts it as “Jazz and hard rock.” I didn’t even know I listen to hard rock until she brought it to my attention. Well, I suppose there’s a foundation to her claims, har har. Weeks of listening to, and singing MUSE songs makes it difficult to for me to disagree. 


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3 Responses to “aMUSEd

  • haha.. di lang kaya MUSE! basta..

    you love Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta” nga diba? nasa rock/hard rock category din un sya.. basta.. trip mo mga ganyan.

    ^^ hehe.

  • Hard rock drowns the noise around us. Rock on!!!!

  • hehe. adik. ^ (sori sa xpression) hehehe.

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