Tuning Out, Tuning In

Sound tripping. That’s what I’ve been doing.

I don’t know what’s gotten over me but on my 28th birthday, I went down the mall and bought CD after CDs of different bands/musicians/musical genre. I guess I just got curious. What has the world been singing about these days?

  • Genre: hard rock/ heavy metal/ nu metal

Hard rock!!! Yeah… my ‘kind’ of music, according to Kai. Har har. I do like to listen to this band sometimes, and although I like the throat-scratching vocals and ear-bursting accompaniments, my favorite among their many songs is their ballad called “Darkness.” It’s deep, man!

  • Genre: Alternative rock/ Punk pop

Another hard-rocking group whose songs were featured in the Twilight Soundtrack. They have a bunch of interesting songs, although I thought the lyrics were not that… er, “well-developed.” I mean, some of their songs were very vague and I couldn’t make out its underlying meanings, or if they made any sense at all. A couple of my favorites are “I Caught Myself”and “Crush Crush Crush.”

  • Genre: Acoustic/Rock/EMO

Two words to sum up my impression of this band: UBER EMO!!!! I cringe upon hearing the lyrics being sung, and I couldn’t stand listening to the wordings for a while. But now that I’m a bit immune to its melodramatic wordings, I do like the guitars and the melody. I suppose “Vulnerable” is the song that stands out for me.

  • Genre: Pop/Rock

Oh yeah! I got hooked on her 50’s impressions so I checked her out. I can’t describe her music though. Somewhat pop, somewhat 90’s-ish. Somewhat something else. I do like “Thinking of You” very much, although the music video kind of bothered me. I also like “One of the Boys.”

  • Genre: Lounge-hop (?)/pop

Of course I’ve been a fan of her song “LDN” before so I thought it was about time I really checked her out and see what kind of music she does. It’s really very interesting. There’s a child-like quality about her music, somewhat circus-y, and yet corrupted by the very mature contents of the song. So… it was an interesting contradiction. I am very ashamed to admit I like the melody of the song, “F*** y**” to which I had been LSSd by quite some time now, so I am warning you NOT to listening to this particular song over and over again or you will find yourself singing expletives without meaning to. The beat can really get to you.

  • Genre: Punk rock/ Alternative rock

Yes, yes, why are we such a fan of noise these days? Well, a friend in school sort of recommended them to me which is why I was happy to entertain my curiosity. Some of their songs are pretty good like, “Face Down,” “Lonely Road,”  “Grim Goodbye,” “False Pretense,” “Godspeed,” to name a few. Over all, I thought they’re okay.

  • Genre: Emo/ Punk pop

Well, so I got a CD of their concert and it was really bad! Too much audience noise. Too much noise in general. I couldn’t make out the wordings of their songs and all I could hear was just that — noise. So basically I didn’t listen to it. There was really no point to it. I may need to get a clearer copy of their songs. OR perhaps I won’t. I don’t think I’m that interested anymore.

  • Genre: Punk pop

Kai was right to warn me about this group. You’re right, Kai. THEY’RE NOT MY TYPE! They do have a couple or so of interesting songs which I keep in my Walkman Phone: “She’s My Winona,” “Coffee for Closers” and “27,” although I rarely listen to them.

  • Genre: Rock/pop

Where in the world did this group come from? The 80’s??? Another group that didn’t really measure up to my tastes, but I kept three of their songs which I thought had good lyrics (and an ok melody): “End Where I Begin,” “I’m Yours,” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.”

  • Genre: Country

I first heard one of her songs in one of Julia Robert’s movies. The Runaway Bride, I guess. It was such a happy and upbeat song that I no longer remember it now. It had the words, “I’m so happy.” It was a happy song, apparently. So anyway, her music is somewhat country-ish. Exactly the kind of music I would rarely listen to, or at all. But the wordings were very heart-warming. So I listen to them anyway. With teeth-gritting patience. But with appreciation for the lyrics as well: “God’s Will,” “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” “Reluctant Daughter,” “This One’s For the Girls,” “Wearing White,” and “When You Love Me.” I wish she were hard rock though, haha!

  • Genre: Alternative rock/Electronica/Experimental rock

I only know “Creep,” “High and Dry” and “Iron Lung,” which are a few of my favorite Radiohead songs. I’m not really that well-acquainted to their music. Now that I’ve listened to them well and good, I realize that they are my type of music. How could I have ignored them for so long? They’re pretty similar to MUSE’s style, although not remotely that close really. The distinction is still great. Unfortunately, they haven’t made the same impression upon me as MUSE did. So far, I’ve only begun to like their songs “No Surprises” and “Just.”

  • MUSE
  • Genre: Neo-progressive Rock/ Alternative Rock

But of course! I’m hooked onto them! I can’t describe or explain why, I just love their music. It’s out of this world! While “Supermassive Blackhole” remains a favorite, I’ve begun to take special notice of “Unintended,” “Bliss,” “Sing for Absolution,” “The Groove,” “Escape,”  “Hysteria,” “Time is Running Out” and “Plug it In.” Of course, I really love ALL of their songs!!! I’ve nearly memorized most of them. I haven’t gotten tired of listening to them yet. They even lull me to sleep. It’s like this L’Arc~en~ciel mania all over again. Which is good. I need a new favorite band, haha! They made their own revision of the oldie song, “Feeling Good” with a hard-rock vibe! I thought it was fantastic! Are there any MUSE fans out there apart from myself??? Let yourselves be known!


So,… that’s about the kind of music I’ve been listening to lately and there’s a great deal of chance I might add some more to my growing collection of CDs.

Are there any other bands/songs/music you’d recommend for me to listen to? I’d be more than happy to listen and evaluate them. 😀

7 Responses to “Tuning Out, Tuning In

  • wow!! that’s quiet a list.. try fm static.. =)

  • heya! looks like you’ve become quite the rock music fan 🙂
    i wish i could help you out in recommending new titles, but it seems that my newest 3 gigs worth of new music are all… classical 😀

  • Fly,

    Ha ha. Static, huh? No need. I can hear ear-piercing low frequency sounds in my sleep — or probably high frequency sounds… dunno which, but they’re enough to keep me wide awake at nights.


    I still listen to Classical music. That’s my first love. I’m not very exclusively to rock music, please.

  • hehe.. just try to listen to the band’s songs.. =)

  • hey! i think i just uncovered your inner “rocker” self. hahaha. and yeah..this blog’s got awesome reviews! ill download some of the songs you mentioned above.. and er… maybe.. look for that song that says “i’m happy”.. coz it might be useful to me too. hahaha.

    and im happy that you acknowledged that im right with fall out boy.. they just don’t seem to fit your (and my) ears. wehehe.

    how about wolfgang? i think i quite have a good number of songs from them.. (dloaded by my friend chewee).. ill share it to you next time…. or you might as well look for their cd.. ^

    and uhmm..

    as for me.. ive been listening to Up Dharma Down these days… indie sila… chui kau. hehe. ^^

  • Hey hey!! I listen to Up Dharma Down too! Well, just three of their songs anyway since yun lang ang na-download ko… can’t remember the titles of the other two but the one that’s in my phone is called “Layag.” Unusual beat, that one. Kinda haunting. Kinda not.

    Anyway, I am familiar with Wolfgang. A college friend recommended them to me, which also reminds me that I haven’t returned her casette tape of it yet! Tsk tsk. I don’t remember their music anymore. I am VERY interested to listen to them again. They sound pretty cool~!

  • hehe.. oki oki.. gimme a buzz when you find me online at ym..me gonna give u the wolfgang copies.. ^^ ill be looking through my song lists today as well…i might rediscover some songs that might interest you. hehe. ^

    weeeee.. veej.. i see you’re enjoying your “soundtrip season” a lot.. >.<

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