Tuning Up (Part 2 of Music Review)


  • Genre: Alternative rock/ Powerpop/ EMO

I like them a lot better than Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance. That’s for sure! I kinda like “Give You Hell.” The video was pretty hilarioius. I like the beats and the melodies of “Move Along,”  “Swing Swing,” “I’m Waiting,” “Can’t Take It,” and “Dance Inside.” So far. They’re the sort of genre I could listen to anytime.


  • Genre: Garage rock revival/ Southern rock

Um… er… Kings of Leon. Hmmm… . Okay… so… I’m not sure what to think of their songs. I am only familiar with one song in particular, which is discomfittingly entitled “Sex on Fire,” which I kinda like, actually.  So far I am liking their song called, “17”.  I also like the drums and bass of “Be Somebody”. But over all I don’t really enjoy listening to them. I don’t know, it just lacked that kind of spunk I’m looking for.



‘Tis very odd… am I the only one who can sense the very strong scent of the tuberose in this room?? I like the smell very much, but where did it come from, I wonder?


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