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  • Genre: Dance punk, alternative rock, experimental rock

There’s nothing about them to catch my interest except their band name. I’ve ignored them for a long time not until I heard them on Channel V and thought they sounded pretty cool. So grabbed a copy of their album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, and I’ve been digging their songs “Katherine Kiss Me,” “Turn it On,” “Lucid Dreams,” “Dream Again,” and “Ulysses.” They sound like Muse, but not quite. Like Oasis, but not really. Like something familiar, but not that much. Har har.

  • Genre: Rock, Britpop

I have heard of Oasis ever since their popularity in the late 90’s. However, I have never been familiar with any of their songs. So I finally convinced myself to grab hold of a copy of their latest album, “Dig Out Your Soul” and found to my dismay that I don’t dig them at all. I was only indifferent to their songs and found my fingers pressing the next button everytime. No wonder at the peak of their popularity I still didn’t manage to remember any of their songs, or receive any lasting impact from them. Sorry, guys. They’re just not my type of group.

  • Genre: Jazz, Standards

Doesn’t this just prove to you I am not all rock and rolla? I looooove Jazz and I loooooove Ella Fitzgerald, queen of scat, first lady of Jazz! Hers is probably the most beautiful of voices ever heard on Earth. Anyway, I just love her duets with Louis Armstrong and I couldn’t resist not to buy a copy. “Dream a Little Dream (of Me)” will always be my favorite of their duets, but to add to my new favorites I like the following: “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love),” “Stompin’ the Savoy,” “Don’t Be That Way,” “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” “These Foolish Things,” I’m Putting All My Eggs in the Basket,” and more actually. Anyway,…

  • Genre: Jazz, Standards

Of course, I can’t just stick to Ella forever. I had to check out Billie Holiday too, another great female Jazz vocalist. Her voice isn’t as sweet as Ella’s, but there’s a quality to it that suggest sorrow, anguish, sadness, and just the stuff that could make you relate to the song. Her voice is truly unique. She’s made famous the songs, “God Bless the Child,” and “The Strange Fruit.”

  • Genre: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock

I’m not through evaluating their songs yet, but one thing I can say about them — they are VERY musical. It’s all about the accompaniments, and less on the lyrics. I kinda like that. More about them later.

  • P.O.D. (Payable On Death)
  • Genre: Alternative Metal, NU Metal, Rap Core, Christian Metal

Interesting group. Considered “Christian Metal,” although I find it difficult reconciling the idea of Christian music with Heavy Metal. That’s just… hmmmm… not coventional. Anyway, I like their hearing-impairing songs, angst-sounding music, and overall approach to, er, Christian music. Don’t get me wrong, I do like them. In fact, I like the songs which were previously popular “Youth of the Nation” and “Alive,” as well as “Boom,” and another which had a Jamaican feel to it. I can’t remember the song. It’s not on my playlist right now. Anyway, I just thought that for a Christian metal group, their songs weren’t “gospelly,” in the sense that the lyrics were mostly ambiguous up to some degree, and did not really deliver ‘the good news.’ Maybe I just had certain expectations they weren’t able to live up to.

  • Genre: Soul, Alternative Pop Rock

She’s a Grammy Award winner and her album “Adele: 19” is in every CD store in the city. After hearing one of her songs on Channel V, I’ve decided to listen to her album. Actually, it’s pretty good! Award-deserving. I haven’t formed a favorite yet. Each of her songs have something endearing about it. They are soulful, something in line with Duffy’s style, and they were pretty deep, in the emotional sense. She’s worth checking out.

  • Genre: Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Brazilian Jazz

My mum just loooooves Astrud! And listening to her makes me feel as if my mum’s just nearby. Actually, listening to Jazz music  or the Beatles makes me feel as if my parents are just around, regardless of where I may be on the planet. So apparently I miss my folks, and listening to their favorite songs/music bring the illusion that I never left home.

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