New paintings

The painting below is a paid commission for one of my co-teacher’s mother, who is celebrating her birthday this next month. Guess which fairy tale this one came from.

Cynthia’s card. 9″x12″. Mixed media.

The next one is a painting I did for Sandra. She left for France yesterday after school and so I thought a Cinderella theme was suitable for her — she’s been doing all the dirty work for us the entire school year, and now she deserves a pair of good shoes for a nice walk in Paris, France (where she probably is right now).

Sandra’s card. 9″x11″. Mixed media.

4 Responses to “New paintings

  • beautiful paintings! 🙂 you’re really good at painting fantasy themes.

  • Wow! Nice ones again jei. They’re prettyful! Love them! :-*

  • It scares me. You’re so good.

  • Thank you for the comments and compliments everyone!

    Thank you very much for your scary revelation. haha!

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