The Case of the Death Lurker

Well who would have thought I’d be living in the worst hit cases of A (H1N1) in Central Luzon??

Yesterday’s news reported 112 cases of Swine Flu here in Pampanga (paticularly here in the City of San Fernando), and health authorities suspect that the two big malls here are the major hot spots for the virus to spread. My parents think that because these two malls are most frequented by other neighboring towns, like those from Olanggpo, especially Bulacan, which has 32 confirmed cases, et al., then it is very likely for the virus to spread right here where we are!

But with the hightened fear and awareness of this epidemic here in the city alone, Kapampangans are not fazed out from visiting the malls at all! When we went there earlier today for important supplies, one of the big malls was literally packed with people! What is most bizarre about it is that there was already a warning against going to crowded places, and yet people nonetheless still go there. Another, our visit to that mall proved to be most dangerous — a very sickening mixture of odors was in the air and you could just feel the presence of the virus there! It felt like being in a crowded hospital — that’s how the mall smelled.

I am not yet quite in my paranoid stage, but I sure am very wary about people who cough or sneeze. I just wish they would just be thoughtful enough to stay at home and not wander around for frenetic people like me to be worried about.

Anyway, the only defense against the virus now is good health.

Please stay healthy, everybody!




Brilliant Phycisist

On a lighter note (if this be considered ‘lighter’), Microsoft’s Bill Gates bought rights to Richard Feynman’s BBC lectures from Cornell University and the said lectures can now be viewed online.

Why am I announcing this?

Because it was Richard Feynman who made Physics fun and interesting for me! A few years ago, I made a short comment about his book, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)!” which is somewhat an autobiographical account of his love for Science, among many other things. He is a brilliant thinker, and a very funny man!

Now that we can view him on the web, this just made me, and one former classmate, desperately wish we had a professor like him back in college… OR that he WAS our professor even!


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