Anecdotes from my consciousness

At a CD shop:

Me: Miss, meron ba kayong PC game na may pagka-RPG? Yung pala-isipan, pero wholesome adventure? Yung walang BARILAN?

Salesperson: Ah! …Wala eh.

So in other words puro barilan yung mga games nila.


At home:

Mum: Sige, Jin. We’re going. Lock-up ha?

Jin: Ok…

Me: Lock yourself outside!

I’m sure, matalino naman kapatid ko… .


Leaving the church building, my dad catches up on my mum with disbelief smattered on his face:

Dad: Pupunta daw tayong SM?!

Me: Totoo yun! It’s not a rumor!

Either he didn’t hear me or he doesn’t believe me, he went and asked my mum again.


While chatting with a friend, he tells me:

“You are a beautiful enigma.”

I love the sound of that!



2 Responses to “Anecdotes from my consciousness

  • *raises hand in agreement with the whole beautiful enigma thing*

    oh! may i suggest plants vs. zombies? small game lang sya sa pc 😀
    strategy game sya though. for old RPGS…. suggestions ko are the old
    classic lucas arts adventures… like sam and max, secret of monkey island,
    day of the tentacle, broken sword

  • Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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