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Hiya everyone!

Greetings from Lao People’s Democratic Republic!!

We are still in Vientiane.

Yes, I’m doing mighty fine and I was amazed to find out that we are such early birds today. The time now is 7:56 a.m. and no wonder most shops are still closed and the streets were eerily quiet. Everybody’s probably still asleep. Well, we have a long day ahead. We’ll be renting bikes later and explore the town more.

We are now staying at this place called, “Relax and Dream Away Guesthouse” which has a Double Twin beds for $12, a hot shower, refrigerator, aircon and cable t.v., after moving out from a poshier place which has the most comfortable beds, A/C, cable tv, fridge, but NO HOT SHOWER! And that’s what we get for 25 bucks!! And we got that place because all the budget guesthouses were fully-booked.

The weather today’s downcast, cloudy and bound to rain, but it’s really nice because it feels cool and a great day for doing some biking. 

Yesterday, we began looking for places to stay in Luang Prabang (because we don’t want to be lugging our baggages around looking for room vacancies) and will hopefully be able to book one today. That is, we have this one guesthouse we really want but we still have to check if anyone checks-out today.

So, anyway, after buying some groceries from this really cool marker which sells lotsa good stuff, we went back to the guesthouse, freshened up and went to La Cave des Chateaux for Red Wine and a Cheese platter. It’s remarkable because the helping was huuuuuge and I had a major introduction to cheeses, thanks to my semi-cheese-connoisseur and enthusiast Gayla. We found out that I like ‘hard’ cheeses except blue cheese!!! Hard cheeses basically have a strong taste and are probably aged longer (they’re not exactly hard!. I liked Camembert, Brie, some kind of goat cheeses, swiss cheese, and NO CHEDDAR please!

 To be continued….

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  • Hi Jei. So relieved to know all is well with you and Gayla in that place. Cige..take care of yourself..and keep in touch. Love ya.

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