Biking Adventure Over Wet Dirt Roads.

We rented bikes again this morning, and glory to God, WE DID IT!!!

From the town center, we rode all the way (busy hi-ways and dirt roads alike) to a weaving village called Ban Xang Kong, some 3 km away. Yes, can you believe it? I can bike that far! Whew!

Considering that I had a leg injury, which has healed completely by the way thanks to Gayla’s Comfrey balm/ointment, my leg is no longer bruised and has only a scratch which what makes my leg sore the entire time — not the bruise at all.

It was a rigorous, challenging, but a fun adventure just biking in the heat of the day to see Lao textiles and weaving people in action. It was a neat experience!

We  came back at about 4 p.m. to have a Lao lunch at a really cool restaurant called Tamarind. I had a chicken meal of course, but this chicken is minced and is mixed with herbs which are cooked inside a lemon grass covering, which cannot be eaten but had to be peeled off the chicken mixture. It is served with this really delicious sauce, and with sticky rice served in a woven bamboo cup-like container. We had to eat our food with our hands, but it was really awesome. And yummy! Oh, and not spicy at all, hurrah!!!

Sorry I didn’t take a photo of this meal. My hunger beat me to it. But I did take an ‘after’ shot of my meal… which probably looks like abstract art because you won’t be able to recognize it.

Gayla and I are literally worn out!! My muscles are so tender that all I wanted to do upon arriving was lie down and sleep. Which I did, after a nice hot shower. Right now, I’m still a little beat and am really looking forward to a very long good night’s sleep.

I’m dying to post pictures now.

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  • Haaaayyy! Great to hear you’re ok ..aaaand went BIKING again… (*) :-” Good! :D/

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