Seedless Dragonfruit

The patriarch of the family I’m living with brought home seedless guava one day. It was pretty good actually, but I wondered how it was possible to grow seedless guava if there are no seeds to grow them.

“Chemicals,” was the answer given me. The miracles of modern Science. Hurrumph!

Now I wonder as to what great lengths Science’s tampering of nature — the seedlessness of fruits — will go to (with seedless grapes taking the top spot) :

1. Seedless grapes

2. Seedless watermelon?

3. Seedless papaya?

4. Seedless kamatis?

5. Seedless atis?

6. Seedless dragonfruit?

What will they think of next? Odor-free durian?

Now that will be the day!


Art class is sometimes great, and sometimes not-so-great. It really depends on the grade level I’m working with. 6th grade is by far the worst, and I am not at all excited to teach them, much less stay in one room with them. They’re one big fastiduous group of raging hormones.

I am SO NOT a teacher for the higher levels.


Today, the children seem to enjoy Art. I had three classes, and here are a couple of anecdotes from today:

“I don’t want to go! Can I sleep here?”3rd Grade boy

“Okay children, it’s time for you to go! See you next week! — [no response] — if you didn’t hear me, GO OUTSIDE NOW!”Me to 1st Grade


I forgot to mention, I no longer live with my relatives. I moved out last Saturday and had since transferred to a house just next door to the school. I am splitting the rent (and other bills) with Ate Yayo’s family. It is a huge break for me from daily Khmer (ergo, strange-tasting) food, and English language overdose. I feel more at home now having to go home to aromatic Pinoy cuisine, purong-Tagalog-speaking, TFC-all-day-loving home.

Speaking of Purong-Tagalog, here are some of the words I’ve just learned: Malarit (mas mababang degree ng malandi), mumu (butil ng kanin), using “tapalan” instead of “takpan” to mean “to cover just one side,” and many others I have not been able to retain in my memory.


My inaanak looks so much like John Lloyd Cruz.



3 Responses to “Seedless Dragonfruit

  • Jei, there’s already the seedless dalandan. I just bought a kilo while we’re in Baguio.

  • WHAT?! Maygudnes!

    Dapat Seedless kalamansi ang ginagawa nila, nang di parating tinatanggal ang buto sa mga kalamansi kapag nagluluto.

  • :)) Honga point ka dyan…you know.(sabi nga ni Pacyaw) 🙂

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