Reminiscing the days gone by…

Sarah and I have been reminiscing our childhood in CDO.

Of course, when we talk about ‘childhood’, we meant… you-know-who. We have so many memories with him, and of him. There is no doubt that he is the strongest, most important, most prominent figure inour childhood. And we sorely miss him, in the vaguest, most distant-memory sort of way.

Anyway, while our subject circled around him, Sarah reminded me about another incident in my childhood that I absolutely have no memory of — our parents were away, and Ate Jemar was sick of Chicken Pox and was quarantined in her room. Sarah claimed that I suggested we make Ate Jemar a Get Well Soon card, and because we couldn’t give it to her in person, we slipped the card through her door.

And I went, I DID WHAT?!?! Wow! I never thought I had a sweet and genuine streak in my being. All I remember was being a meanie to Sarah.

Well, that really boggles me. How come I can’t remember all the wonderful things I’ve done and only remember the bad ones? 

I suppose it’s a good thing that there are people around us to witness what we were before, remind us of who we are, or what we were then.

I now realize, I only remember situations. My friends remember gestures. That’s what makes them so special.

4 Responses to “Reminiscing the days gone by…

  • haha.. when was that? 20 or more years ago jay? hehe..

    i’m glad our friendship still lived on despite the distance.. =)

  • What!? Was it that long ago already? 20 years…???
    My my my… 2 decades long gone by…

    Yes, I sure am blessed to have friends like you regardless of distance, time, and circumstances. 🙂 So thank God! and thank You!

  • Ang tanda nyo na pala. Lols.

  • Andoi, alin kaya sa atin ang ipinanganak on or before 1980, hmmm???? Di ba 1970’s ka?

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