Vampire Sound Bites

My current playlist:

  • MUSE I Belong to You (Yes! Another MUSE favorite)
  • Anya MarinaSatellite Heart (Somehow, I’ve heard this song somewhere before)
  • Lykke LiPossibility (Eerily beautiful, and befitting the New Moon soundtrack)
  • Jason Walker – Down (I honestly think this is a very, VERY beautiful song. Heard it from Vampire Diaries)
  • Parachute AV She is Love (not from any Vampire series I’m watching, but it’s pretty good)
  • Gavin RossendaleDon’t Dream It’s Over (like the song above, completely unrelated, but a very good revision of an ‘old’ song sung by a hottie! Gwen Stefani is a lucky woman!)
  • James MorrisonYou Give Me Something (I’m a late bloomer! I just began to like this one)
  • PJ OlssonReady for a Fall (I don’t know how I came about with this song, and neither do I remember having it. But it’s in my playlist, and it’s a good song.)
  • Marie DigbyUmbrella (acoustic rendition of Rhianna’s, which I like)

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