Vampire Sound Bites II

More music I liked from Vampire Diaries:

  • Sanders BohlkeThe Weight of Us (para sa mga hindi pa ‘ready’)
  • Imogen HeapWait it Out (For us who ‘wait’)
  • EditorsWeight of the World (Ok ang vocalist ah. Nice barritone)
  • Bat for LashesSleep Alone (’tis an imagine-a-vampire-tailing-you song)
  • Caroline LiarI’m Not Over (sa mga di maka-move-on)
  • The RaconteursConsoler of the Lonely (nice raging rock beat)
  • Matt NathansonAll We Are (an Optimist’s song. Or is it the Pessimist’s?)
  • The Black KeysStranger Times (love the rockin’ intro)
  • AnberlinEnjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
  • Viva VoceBeliever (for a nice song, it doesn’t quite make any sense)
  • The FrayNever Say Never (Pramis, this one’s beautiful)

Additional songs in my playlist, unrelated to the ones above:

  • Emerson HartI Wish You the Best (compliments to Sweety)
  • Two of CupsBreathe (Nice calm-down song)

Friend Recommendations (pending downloads):

  • Matisyahu – Youth (by SamR.)
  • Serj Tanikian (by SamR.)
  • Tool (by Ronnie)
  • Banky – Regret (by Sweety)
  • Andy Calope (by Andoi)
  • Glenbelle Baslao (or whatever stage name she’s using. by Vesper)

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