To Need a Man: A Philosophical Overview

Before we had lunch, a woman and I were talking about ‘people we know.’ Our talk landed on my friend, about whom this woman made a comment about how my friend’s eyes “betray her”.

A woman like my friend, says the woman, needs a man. You can detect the sadness in  my friend’s eyes no matter how outgoing a person she may be, and a man in her life — according to this woman — will make everything better.

Her comment alarmed me. Was she implying something? So I just had to ask:

“Do you see the same sadness in my eyes? Do you think I need a man!?”

“No. I don’t see it on you. You come from a happy family,” she replied.

Wow! Me from a happy family. Me don’t need a man. Now, isn’t that something? I can already hear objections coming from, like, across the ocean. Well, the woman has a point. Where people receive love, they don’t go looking for it elsewhere. Tee hee! PEACE!


So, what’s my secret, you may ask? What’s the secret to a happy single life?

1. Well, first, you have to come from a happy family. If your family sucks, adopt a new one.

2. You need eye-surgery — remove the bags, remove the dark circles, if possible, eradicate those wrinkles too, and maybe upgrade the color of your irises into rainbow colors. Then no one would accuse your eyes of betrayal (except people might think you’re high on something).

3. Don’t go looking for a guy. That spells d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e!! Just look at them. Feast your rainbow eyes upon them. :p

4. Finally, trust in God your Lord and Father. He alone knows the stirrings of our hearts. 🙂

5. Don’t take me up on this formula I’ve just made-up. If you do, you must be gullible. Although #4 is always reliable. haha!

2 Responses to “To Need a Man: A Philosophical Overview

  • hahaha! i love your list! hahahahahaha..

    veej! cant wait to chat with you again! hahaha

  • Well, I can only guarantee number 4 as the sanest, most sensible advice I can give you. But feel free to take me up on advice numbers 1 to 3.

    I am waiting for you, m’friend! You know where to find me.

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