Adrenaline rush or Caffeine overdose

I’ve been very energized lately. This isn’t like me at all! I am one fat lazy, sleep- loving sloth. But not these past two days. I have become — work-driven!


  • Met up Kuya Dhodz and learned about the Mekong Arts and Media Fest he’s helping to organize under PETA. He promised posters within the week.


  • A pretty forgettable day. I can’t remember what happened during this day.


  • Was very, very tired and sleepy.
  • Taught preschool in the morning
  • Skipped lunch and took a nap.
  • Taught Art in the afternoon. 8-year-old Liana asked if she could borrow the book I was reading. I said, “No.”
  • I began teaching Watercolor Painting classes for our After-School program. One of my whiny students in Art class also showed up for painting class too. It was unfair!! Must I endure more than a hour’s worth of whining every Tuesdays?!
  • Ms. Scott (the other Art teacher) stood as my assistant and claims that the painting class was fun. I thought it was a catastrophe!! 
  • Rushed off to meet Kuya Dhodz again. Got the posters.
  • Went home to make /type the first Preschool Newsletter.
  • Too tired to go on — slept at 10 p.m.


  • Woke up at 5 a.m.
  • Went to school and talked to Sandra about the Arts Fest.
  • Spoke to 7th grade teacher about the possibility of a field trip to see the Arts Fest.
  • Taught 22 students (half of which are Mrs. Rose’s) the entire morning. It was PANDEMONIUM!!
  • Liana and friend came in to see me about the book. I told them to come back later.
  • Spoke to two of my assistants to help me post posters in their schools and invite people to see the Arts Fest
  • Found out that my lunch was forgotten by the caterer. Bought omelette instead.
  • Researched the web quickly for UNICEF issues.
  • Taught Art class with UNICEF-related issues as theme.
  • Liana got her books.
  • Stayed an hour longer in school to get everything ready for tomorrow’s Parent-Teacher Conference.
  • Put-up Art Fests posters in the school’s stairway
  • Asked my suking-tindahan to allow me to post a poster of the Arts Fest in their store
  • Rushed off to see Kuya Dhodz again for the tickets.
  • Talked to Save the Children UK representative, Chakkrid, about 7th grade field trip and the Art workshops.
  • Went home okay, …until Ate Yayo mentioned about tomorrow’s Parent-Teacher Conference!!!!




However, one of the best things that happened this week so far is when one of my students in Art noticed the book I was reading, which was Nancy Werlin’s “Impossible,” based on the song Scarborough Fair wherein the girl had to prove her love by accomplishing 3 seemingly ‘impossible’ tasks.

After I explained the gist, she asked if she could borrow it. I was taken aback by her interest, but I was also a bit cautious about recommending books to an 8-year-old! I told her that the book had adult themes in it and may not be appropriate for her age. She bugged me about it anyway.

At the end of the class, she came back again to plead her case about the book. I told her that it wouldn’t look good for a teacher to lend her a book if her mom doesn’t approve of it. I negotiated instead by lending her a book I know she’d like and would be just right for her age. She and her friend (yes, now she has a friend borrowing a book from me) agreed.

The next day, during Preschool class, the excited Liana and friend came to see me about the book. I sent them off and told them to come back after class. But during Art class, they snuck in and I finally handed them the books, “The Frog Princess” and “Which Witch.” The happy couple agreed to return it to me in February of 2010.

I really like it that these children have taken immense interest in reading, and I am very glad I have just the right books for them in my mini-library here. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep collecting children and young adult books, and I intend to do so beginning today. Or tomorrow. I’d love to keep feeding them with something good to read.



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