“Great Art is when people talk about it…”

Art Field Trip.

The 7th Grade, along with me and 3 other teachers, rode tuk-tuks to Java Cafe to see the photo-manipulated photographs of Bhutan flags by Sandy Shun, some Multimedia visuals of some Khmer guy whose name I forgot, and then to Chaktomouk Theater to see the exhibit of the Mekong Arts and Media Fest, which showcases mixed-media paintings, and some photographs from all over the Mekong regions.

Afterwards, we hung out at, and made riverside drawings by the Mekong river, right where it meets the Tonle Sap and converges into one large body of flowing water. After a while, Circus workshop delegates came over and entertained us with acrobatics on the trampoline, some juggling, and other very impressive stunts. Well, they didn’t really come for the sole pupose of entertaining us. They were there to study the art of circus performance, and we happen to be at the right place, at the right time.

So it was a good day for me — no 6th grade Art!!! HAH!!! Kidding!

But I’m really glad to have this opportunity to expose children to all kinds of serious art forms — from the visual arts, to the performing arts. 🙂

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