The World’s Best Song


Writing the world’s best song
Is like diffusing a nuclear bomb
you gotta say just how you feel
but it’s gotta ring out from those strings of steel
every word has to be said just right
to make you swell up inside
and make you wanna cry
you’d listen to it every night


Oh, Listen to me,
This is your conscience, Speaking,
We haven’t spoken for a while,
Cause your Impulses make you act,
so vile

This is exactly what you didn’t want to hear
the thoughts in your head are perfectly clear
but a tremor in your heart
can change the way you steer
It’s not always the thought that counts
cause everyone has that thought at least once
It’s something you have to act upon
to make you become,
a better person…




Lyrics and Music by Adam Kump

(From the album “Broken Lungs”)

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