SG: Day 1

Leisurely walks is a must now. I just love it, with my iPod ready and keeping me company, I can just keep walking and walking and walking. 

My first order of business — check out Herma’s mall! It’s just a few minutes walk from here. I can’t remember what it’s called. Blue Feather or something. Anyway, SG is such a quiet and clean place. It is the epitome of urban order.

At the mall, I tried looking for a bookstore, but ended up in a public library instead. The place is slightly crowded, but awesome! A public library! In the mall! That’s really something. Of course, the fact that it’s a library just turned me off — that means I may not be able to borrow books, nor can I buy them. I later learned from Herma that the bookstore is located another floor up.

So because of that, I ended up at a cafe and had my Earl Grey Tea and a cake, which was too moist and too rich for my liking. I spent the rest of my time there, reading all their girly magazines.

I went back to the pad and took the stairs instead of taking the lift. Exercise, I told myself. I don’t know where I’m getting my energy.

I finally figured out how to work their complicated cable TV here in the house, and I finally figured out how to set up the internet too. I’m such a genius! haha!


Herma arrived earlier than she expected, and I was finally introduced to her roomies. She was surprised that I already know (and love) Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is “a must,” according to her, for every guest to have for dinner.

We then went back to the mall — White Sands (and not Blue Feather or whatsnot) — on foot and took the stairs instead of the lift. That was some exercise for Herma, who always take the lift. We bought some groceries, and ended up bringing home two cartons of Chocolate-flavored milk, instead of just plain Milk, which was what we wanted.

Lesson learned: always read the labels!

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