SG: Day 6

Apart from sleeping the entire morning off, my activities for the day involved walking to the mall and taking a visit to the bookstore — which wasn’t really inspiring, so I ended up in the library instead.

I liked it!

It was so quiet and there was enough books to keep me occupied in a corner. The librarian was also very accommodating. I like Singapore.


So the other day, Herma and I had the most wonderful time. We planned of going to see the Merlion, but then it rained, so we withheld the plan for next day, but when I noticed that it stopped raining, I urged her that we go see Merlion instead.

Thanks be to God, he did make the rain stop and we were met by a beautiful (although partly cloudy) weather, to see the Merlion.

I was truly impressed with the high-rising buildings in Singpore. They look so well-thought out, and it feels wonderful to be in a city that doesn’t feel too stressful.

We went to see the Fullerton Hotel, where Singapore’s history pretty much began. From there, a black crow followed us all the way to Merlion — a stunning national trademark, spitting water down the… uhh…. river?

Anyway, from across the river, you will see the remarkable durian-looking building called the Esplanade, which is the cultural/art/theater center of Singapore. It is stunning! Because of all the picture-taking we did, and all the walking we made, we had mocha frappes at Starbucks where more picture-taking ensued, especially in the ladies room.

Well, what do you know? The crow was still out there, which seems to be following us. I finally had a word with the crow to stop stalking us.

We then walked across the bridge to see the Esplanade, and upon entering, we discovered a Visual Art Space called Jendela, which exhibits miniature art; we listened to Fritz Quartet, a chamber music group which performed a few mellow renditions of Classical and Pop music; a Malay Music concert, which performed outside the theater, right at the back; and concerts that were about to happen in the said theater in a few months/days’ time.

We dropped by the souvenir shop where I finally got myself a miniature music box which plays “La Vie en Rose,” some magnets, and a vintage-inspired telephone which is actually a pencil sharpener, which I gave Herma.

We then went back to the Orchard where I bought souvenirs, had dinner, and hung out at Borders Bookstore. We then took last photos of us at the place, since we have no intentions of going back there anymore.

Well, looks like I’ll be visiting SG again next year. 😀

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