Long Walks & Aesthetic Experiences

Today is an exceptionally unusal day.

To start with, ever since my trip to Singapore, I came back to Phnom Penh in a much better mood. I have greater patience for children; my disposition towards them is one with much gentleness and willingness to be a better teacher for them, and my passion for teaching has been renewed, as I seek new ways to better my teaching style.

With that said, today I felt motivated to improve myself.

While my students were doing a portrait of their teacher, I, too, undertook the task of drawing her portrait and found that my drawing is much life-like. That’s quite a first for me, with regards to life-like on-the-spot sketching. The teacher liked the drawing so much, that she requested to have the drawing in her keeping, to which I agreed only after I have had the drawing scanned.

I then spent some quality time at the Chocolate Shop after school, enjoying a hot pot of English Breakfast tea and a slice of moist brownie while reading a book on Art pedagogy (I know, heavy stuff which required all my concentration).

The next undertaking is what surprised me most — since I felt like walking, I decided to walk all the way from the Chocolate Shop to our apartment (refer to map below)!!!


my long walk 01-12-10


The blue dot is where I began my walk (iPod as my company) and the green dot is my destination. I can’t believe I could walk that far (while undergoing some aesthetic experiences along the way)!! This is truly amazing!!! I am very surprised! I now realize that it isn’t really that far when I’m not in a hurry to get where I want to go, and if I’m simply enjoying the walk and the sights I see.

I think I have my iPod to thank for that (and God too for keeping me company and safe as well). So, looks like I’ve found a great weekly exercise (and a private way to meditate/do some thinking) especially when I feel like I’m having a rough day in school.

I just feel great right now, although sore on the feet. But I think this is nothing compared to all that walking I did in Singapore. That was really bloody!

If all goes well in February, I’d really like to pursue Capoeira. So here’s to crossing fingers and hoping for the best. *crossing fingers*

Below is my iPod playlist, which kept me company during my very long walk. I just love my iPod!

  • Ingrid Michaelson Be OK
  • (Fork and Knife)Brand New
  • Hot Hot Heat5 Times Out of 100
  • The OwlsAll Those in Favor
  • The NationalApartment Story
  • AlohaBody Buzz
  • Little Man TateBoy in the Anorak
  • Rilo Kiley Breakin’ Up
  • Los Campesinos! — C is the Heavenly Option
  • Apostle of Hustle — Chances Are
  • Puressence — Drop Down to Earth
  • The Runners — Get in Line

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