Anecdotes from Art Class

This month (February) students from Ms. Scott’s class are now in mine (we switched). A former student of mine dropped this question loud enough for the class to hear after I asked for all their names (I’ve forgotten most of them, although their faces are very familiar).

Student: Do you still remember the names of your [students from] last year?

Me: Yes. They wouldn’t leave me alone.


Student: Miss VJ, this is a robot. The robot kill the people. Then he eat the people. And then, the police catch him.

I was certainly amused. Forgive me if I applauded such creativity (or gore, if you insist on calling it that way). I told the kid he did a remarkable job and that I liked his story, and if he could please color it. 😀


Using pen markers, a child draws an interesting picture of an island with just one coconut tree on it, surrounded by blue wavy streaks indicating the sea.

Me: Well, ain’t that a pretty picture! It would be interesting to put another island in there, and maybe a smaller one somewhere…

Child: No. I make a city.

Me: A city? Oh, are you going to draw a bridge?

Child: Yes.

Me: Good idea! But why would people want to go on an empty island with just one coconut tree on it?

Child: They want to eat the coconuts. And then they cut the tree.

Me: Oh! Then there’s no more coconut tree! Are they going to wait for seven years for the tree to grow again?

Child: *grins at me*

I like to stimulate children intellectually, hahaha!

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