Daddy Long Legs

I realized that my roommate, Lady Spider (sex confirmed), is a Daddy Long Legs of the Pholcidae kind! ūüėÄ Amazing!!! My own Dadd Long Legs in my room!

For more details about our story, read The Hanging Graveyard at


As I write, I am listening to a Podcast from The Boundless Show (a Christian radio segment) talking about the controversial Superbowl ad by Focus on the Family (Christian webzine).

It’s about Pro-Life.

An American Football player’s mother (Pam Tebow) took a very bold move to promote life through¬†a Superbowl Ad. This incited rage among the pro-abortionists, and the radio dj and her guests are glad¬†that¬†God seems to be doing something to bring about¬†awareness regarding¬†the issue in such a controversial way. Many findings are¬†showing that a fetus is no longer¬†just a bundle of tissues, rather,¬†a living, breathing, feeling, heart-beating bundle of tissues within a mother’s womb. Did you know that¬†a fetus have fingernails?

I am quite enthralled to hear all about what they have to say. I hope and pray the Philippines continue to make¬†a stand against abortion and keep it illegal. And I could quite agree with one of the guest’s¬†arguments about how “keeping¬†the family together may prevent poverty,” which makes complete and utter sense, as broken families tend to ‘populate’ the world with¬†their¬†‘illegitimates’ (if ya¬†know what I mean — just a manner of speaking)¬†through varied, fleeting,¬†and unrecognized romantic affairs.

There is a great need of moral upholstering in this world. It is such a mess!

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