Buttered Vegetables

I’m up to one of my cooking experiments again. “It’s just Science to me,” as my friend put it, and I thought, why not fry vegetables in butter? Tell what I have done wrong.

I sauteed onion in butter and tossed in carrots, then broccoli, asparagus and red bell pepper last seasoned with salt and ground pepper. Why I chose these particular veggies is due to their colors. They look good enough to eat. I used the left over butter and sauteed onion and garlic wherein I fried my chicken seasoned with salt and ground pepper again. Now I discovered that I like my chicken cooked in butter.

Well, the veggies taste edible, and like I’ve said, I’m all about colors so I enjoy eating them at present, although I had hoped they’d be more aromatic and therefore better tasting. They’re not. But it’s tastes fine, although I feel that there’s something wrong with my ‘Science’. Can anybody help me figure out what it is?

Am I supposed to steam the veggies first? How do I do that without a steamer?

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