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Below is a drawing I did of Sineth, the 1st Grade teacher’s assistant, during my Art session (Portrait Drawing) with the Grade 1 sometime last January. Sineth liked it so much she begged me to give to her for her keeping. I told her I’d have it scanned first before I give it to her, but two months later, I still kept it.

Well, I finally got it scanned and about a couple of days ago, she told me she’s going to get married and invited me to her engagement party on Sunday. Well, now I have the perfect gift for her! I bought a frame for it today and I’m quite glad I waited this long before finally giving this little thing up from m possession.

Portrait of Sineth

For many months now I’ve been dying to buy myself an easel, but I always had to put that desire on hold. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, I rushed to the school supplies store early this evening and finally got myself a nice wooden easel! Quite costly, but I think it’s well worth it!

Hopefully I could start painting soon. I want a creative outlet so bad and both May Ann and Ian are such inspirations at the moment. Ian has begun painting again, and May Ann, well, she is such an amazing artist! I wish I share her drive and passion for painting. I just now have to condition my mind to the task, regardless of my what current living situation/s may be.

So here’s to a new chapter in my creative growth — cheers!


About the easel, although it doesn’t really seem necessary, I had to buy it in order that I may have some place to put my work/s on. My godson, who sometimes invade my room in a flurry, has a knack for just picking any random stuff out of my room and misplacing them, making it harder for me to clean up my room sometimes, so having an easel where I can put my work up, stuck good in place, or fastened tight with a paper clip on it will serve its purpose well. That means I can paint again without worrying about leaving it about my room and having my work thrashed by a 1-year-old.

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