Where’d the Dinosaurs Go?

During Art class with the 2nd graders, I have asked them to draw me anything they like, or any idea they may have on black paper using either crayons or colored pencils. Majority of the children drew very interesting pictures, and they liked the idea of drawing on a black piece of paper for a change. 

Since their lessons were about Dinosaurs lately, one of them drew a couple of dinosaurs on the black paper, to which made positive remarks about. But when when I returned later to check up on him, I saw him drawing airplanes in the space above his dinosaurs.

Me: “Hmmm, airplanes in the time of the dinosaurs?”

Child: “Yes. These airplanes will kill the dinosaurs.”

Me: “I don’t think you should be altering the course of history.”

Child: “I want airplanes to kill the dinosaurs.”

Me: “Hmm… now we know why the dinosaurs went extinct.”

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