It’s Pants off Friday!

There is this Aussie Radio show I’ve been recently hooked on called Hamish and Andy, which is hosted by the amazing comedic duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. I listen to them via Podcast on iTunes every afternoons when I get back from work and they are such a delight! They are enormous destressers, and often bring laughter and light-heartedness at the end of my day. 

Now every Friday is ‘Pants off Friday’ and the duo broadcasts their show in their underpants. It is hilarious! On this day also, Hamish reads a strip of the an Aussie newspaper comic, Fred Basset, which is about the drab life of a hound/dog. Now Andy does all sorts of torture to prevent Hamish from successfully reading the strip. Hamish however always succeeds in ‘boring’ their listeners with Basset’s story, yet this is something I look forward to every Fridays. I love how eloquent Hamish is, and I am learning lots from the duo’s ability to precisely describe whatever’s happening at that very moment in their studio.  Apart from that, they are very very funny.

Today, they announced the winning name for their caravan, which they will use to travel from Ireland to Britain for their 4th Caravan of Courage adventure. It’s called Sir Vancelot, which is what I voted for them to call it with in their polls. I can’t wait to listen to their travels and commentate on the two countries they are going to visit.

They make me want to be a radio host too.


I picked up a brush today and just couldn’t stop painting. I’ve painted 6 cards already, and I just need one more to be done with it. Another of my boss’s commissions — lotsa teachers leaving this year. I wonder if I ought to charge her for these this time? 


A co-teacher asked me if I could teach her son to draw/paint twice a week, and inquired how much I charge. I was taken aback because… well, that’s the second person asking me to teach painting. I’m just not that willing to teach drawing or painting to ANYONE! I don’t know where my heart for it had gone to. I’m just not that confident about my skills. But I sure could use the extra money.

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