More commissions…

More stuff that’s keeping me busy…

This is for a teacher-assistant who has helped 7th grade create their papier mache Greek vases in my class.

It has nothing to do with the recepient, but at the time I was making this I was enthralled by Aboriginal Australian Art. 🙂 

Another irrelevant piece I did only because at the time of my creating this, I was fascinated with silouhettes.


Below is a commission from a co-teacher for another co-teacher who is celebrating his 60th(?) something birthday tomorow. He is a very active, very well-travelled man who is an Art enthusiast. As much as I’d like to be at his party, I will not be able to attend. 🙁

 My June is so swamped!!! 


I have updated my May 27th post, with regards to the personalities/inspirations behind the paintings. Do check them out again.

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