There Goes My Super Heroes…

Been opening boxes and rummaging through them all afternoon to find a couple of CDs containing scans of the comic books “Kingdom Come” (Justice League) and  a Batman comic book which I think is called “Blush?” — given to me by a friend some five or so years ago. Where the heck are they!? I’m exasperated because I can’t find them!



Kingdom Come is such a marvelous comic book illustrated by the uber-talented Mr. Alex Ross (my favorite comic book artist)!! It is so refreshing to talk about comic books and love for art with a fellow female artist! I haven’t done that in years! We went on and on about it till 3 a.m. today. Anyway, I told her I’d share these special treasures I’ve long been keeping, however, I can’t find the friggin’ CDs anywhere!!!! I wanna cry!!!!

I wish, I wish, I wish I can find it soon within my mum’s boxes. I didn’t realize how precious those CDs are just to be tossed and packed in whichever box. 🙁

On second thought, I wasn’t the one who did the tossing, har har!

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