Sayounara, Natsu no Hi

My holiday is coming to an end. As I write this with a heavy heart, the night sky seems to share my sorrow for I hear raindrops outside my window.

But the most important question of all which unsettles my heart is — WHY CAN’T VAN*AND HITOMI* JUST STAY TOGETHER!?

That just really bugs me!! But I can’t always have my way, and that’s pretty much the reason (and the message, I guess), why these two beloved characters chose not to remain with each other — because they can’t always have their wishes granted according to their bidding, even though their hearts ache to be together.


So here’s to a good 2010 summer… may you always live in my memory. đŸ™‚


*Van and Hitomi are characters from a classic anime I recently re-watched called, Visions of Escaflowne. I no longer remember the story so I did a marathon-viewing of it these past two days. 26 episodes later, I am reminded of why I loved this anime so much back in the day —- excellent mecha fights, relateable characters, impressive escapists’ fantasy, shocking twists, and — after finally understanding what the hullabaloo was all about — wise counsels from fictional characters, hah! It’s a good anime!!

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