The day began for me really busy, really stress-ridden, and this was my last class for the day:

Me: Alright, class! Time’s up! Please write your names at the back of your paper and give them to me…

Class: [murmur murmur] (Still busy at work, while some were enjoying chatting and doing other things)

Me: Time for you to go home, 5th grade… (I said calmly, but a little louder)

Class: [murmurs a little louder, chats a little louder, crams work like crazy]

Me: Hellooooo? 5th gradeeeers!!!

Class: (no change)


I think it is crucial that I acquire a megaphone. I wonder if the school will fund it?


At the library…

Ethan: May I borrow a scrap of paper from you?

Me: Sure! [Weeeeirrrdd… “borrow?”]

Ethan: I say “may I borrow a scrap of paper” but I don’t really intend to return it *sniggers*

Me: *laughs* [I am so putting that on your (library) record, mister!]


Assistant: Ms.VJ here are more new books Mrs. C— (our boss) buy. You need to catalogue.

Me: WHUT?! More books?! *pulls hair* You tell Mrs. C— to stop buying books!!

I’m just kidding, of course.


Assistant: Ms.VJ, Mrs. C— said we arrange shelves and make Teacher Resource narrow.

Me: HUH?! Does she want me to die!? *heaves a sigh* Okay, I’ll write up a plan, but I’ll also write, “Mrs. C–… GOODBYE!”

Again, I am JUST kidding! I love my job!


Student: Ms.VJ, do you have an FB?

Me: Whhhhhy do you aaaaaask? (wary)

Student: Nothing! I’m just asking! So do you??

Me: Uh-huhhhh…

Student: What name do you use?

Me: Ummmm… my name??

Student: Is it VJ?

Me: Why do you wanna know? (my eyebrows are raised further upward by now)

Student: Nothing! I just wanna see! I won’t add you!! So, do you use your name, Ms.VJ??

Me: Not exactlyyyyy… my name there’s pretty long.

Student: Do you have your picture on it??

Me: Er,… yeeeessssss????? (by now I am frightened)

Student: Ok, I’m gonna find you! Then I’m gonna ADD YOU!!!

As soon as I got home and got hold of my laptop, I changed my name and photo.

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