Latest work… plus Anekdotas!

interconnected ty cards

4 new Thank You cards for the book donations we received recently from Australia.

Mixed media. Oct. 3, 2010


drawing practice

Drawing practice on Human Figure Drawing.

Pencils. Sept. 27, 2010.


Student: Why do aliens want to destroy planet Earth?

Me: Huh!?

Student: Why do aliens want to destroy the planet??

Me: (Looks at the child incredulously) Do you believe in aliens???

Student: Nooo….

Me: How did you know they want to destroy the planet? Did you talk to them?

Student: (fell silent)

Me: You see, I can’t answer your question, <child’s name>, because…

Student: (begun making annoying tongue noises to shut me up)

Me: …and YOU’RE the ONLY ALIEN I know!

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