The Verde Room

After another day of canceled tutorials, Vesper decided to head on home although she didn’t feel like retiring to her room just yet. She found herself instead drawn to the plant nursery once again. Seeing a variety of colors and blossoms calmed her restless mind. Indoor plants! More indoor plants! she thought.

Sure enough she got herself a Ribbon plant and a Red Rose shrub. She realized that the rose was thorny until too late. Apart from these she bought herself some pebbles, soil and a small, rounded vase. Excitedly she went home and got down to work.

Gardening is something Vesper had never done before. If anything, she worked mostly on instict — that gut-feel of what can be done and just may work. She laid newspapers all over the floor and started with her terrarium. She first teased the soil off the roots. She had two glass jars — one tall and one short. She filled these with white pebbles, and then a layer of soil, and then she dug a hole into which she inserted the plants. After spraying it with water, she leftย  one by her window and the other on her bookshelf.

Satisfied by this, she then began working on the miniature bamboo-like fern. After teasing the soil off the roots, she then inserted it into the new vase she bought and filled it soil. It completely freaked her out upon seeing worms in the soil, but thankfully she was wearing gloves. She toiled on, never finding gratification on unfinished work. She watered her bamboo-fern, and then started working on her roses.

Now the roses were quite tricky. The yellow-white rose was grafted, and half of the shrub had thorns on it (which was never there before). She found this odd but very fascinating. The red rose had large, sharp thorns as well. She was scratched in several places, but that did not discourage her from replanting them into this large pot her landlady had given her. At last, a project she had long been wanting to do is finally done!

She doesn’t know whether planting two different roses in the same pot is a good idea, but like I’ve mentioned earlier, she has a gut-feel about this. As far as she’s concerned, the project was an immense success.

But oh, as soon as she cleaned up her gardening mess, she couldn’t quite help herself from cleaning up some more! For the next couple of hours, she had practically cleaned her room and had put on additional decorations on the walls. It was already half past eight in the evening when she finished. By now she was starving.

At 9 p.m. she was cooking dinner. By half past nine, she was having dinner.

Where is she getting this energy?

Oh, I don’t know. But perhaps that’s her coping mechanism. That’s how she settles down bothersome thoughts. That’s how she relaxes. That’s how she solves her problems — by solving another problem first! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Then all was quiet in the Verde Room by midnight.

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