Red Nose Day on the other side of the planet

Attended another One-Stroke class today, and this time I learned how to do/paint fruits on silkscreen.

Had my birthday lunch with my Aunt and Uncle (who is in the Kingdom at present) at Jar’s, from where I found a big, fat comic book called, “The Cartoon History of the Universe.” It would be interesting to read that soon.

Made a visit to John Weeks’ office (Our Books) last Thursday with my assistant. It was a very interesting visit, and I went home with comic books (just borrowed) and I’ve been having a blast reading.

Had a late night out with the staff the previous evening, and I ended up having a guest at my place for the night. In truth, I’m a pretty bad host. What a mess my room was!

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  • Advanced Happy Birthday my deary!!! Wish you have an awesome year ahead. Love ya lotz. Take care always. *((Hugs))* Mwaah!!!…Mwaah!!!^^

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