Radio Drama

As a kid, I had the privilege of listening to afternoon radio dramas. I remember one of my aunts by the window, ironing her family’s shirts, with the radio drama on full blast. I often hear arguments between characters, tears, wails, sobs, and sound effects. Looking back, what a sweet afternoon that was, which I no longer see in this day and age.

However, it is such comfort to know that the BBC still does radio drama and I had the privilege of listening to a couple every late afternoons. Oh how I miss it!

I have recently finished listening to “Madame Bovary” by Thomas Hardy, and just now, “The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents” by Terry Pratchett, only to be surprised to hear the voice of David Tennant, who plays the 10th doctor in “Doctor Who”!!!

It’s nice to just leave the radio drama on while I set about with housework. It feels like old times.

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