Drawing practice

I went to Boston Books today to just sit, ruminate, and have a nice hot cup of tea after a very productive visit to an electronics shop. The architecture of the bookstore is very 1920s-30’s in design with arched doorways and Roman-inspired columns. I can’t help but appreciate it every time I’m there, so I finally mustered enough motivation to do an on-the-spot perspective drawing.

It was very engaging work and I couldn’t stop ’till I was satisfied with the look of it. I’m quite proud for accomplishing something like this. Hope to do more in the future — undisturbed.

(Apparently, the date recorded on paper is all wrong. I must’ve been dying for it to be the weekend already.)

2 Responses to “Drawing practice

  • Btw, nice sketch. Nice design ng bookstore na ‘yan and looks big.

    • Thank you, mum! Yes, the interior architecture looks wonderful! I wonder what it was like then as a house. 🙂

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