A Kenshi is Born!

This evening at Kendo practice I got myself my second set of injuries (but not too serious as the first one, which was a ruptured-blister-and-flappy-skin on my left foot which made walking and wearing shoes very challenging and painful for a couple of days. Not a pretty sight!), and they are:

a) A blister below my thumb ‘mysteriously’ caused by holding the shinai (bamboo sword), and

b) 2 small bruises (on my knuckles) caused by my pushing my sensei after a men (head) hit as I was suriashi-ing (Kendo slide) forward because he wouldn’t move aside.

But you know what? I’m pretty proud of these injuries. My sensei praised me for pushing him, and it was very encouraging to be told that I did a “good job!” So these things — the injuries, the bodily pains, the exhaustion, the 2-hour-long-no-break-practices, and being pushed to one’s limits — they’re all worth it!!!!! 🙂

Well, after practice he asked me which bogu (armor) I was taking!! *volcanic elation*

I think I’ve just earned my bogu! At last!! Weeeeeee!!!

(Bottom photo courtesy of my friend and co-kendoka, Alex M.). 😀

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