3rd Kendo Injury

My recent injuries from Kendo are two large ruptured blisters on my left foot (one on the toe mounds and one on the neck of the big toe). This is caused by suriashi (sliding on the floor), which is a major footwork in Kendo.

After my first injury months ago, I made it a point to bring a mini-first aid kid with me every practice. It contains several band-aids/plasters/adhesives of different sizes, some gauze, sterilized wet wipes/cleaning cloths, and small scissors. I also bring an antiseptic and a cloth tape (which has become a must-have for me) with these.

It had been very difficult to walk for two days. I limped a lot. But I found that wearing shoes with a soft padding helps a lot to alleviate the pain and discomfort of using your feet. It only took about 2-3 days for the injuries to start healing beautifully, and now (about day 10) it has mended very nicely and I think the secret to it is cleaning the injury diligently.

So always bring your first aid kit with you.

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